Location, Location, Location...

That's what all the tour books brag about.   Have I got a great spot for you!

For years I have been fishing the Chautauqua Lake area with much successWe Wan Chu Cottages on the west side of the lake is my favorite vacation spot.  Besides clean, well equiped cottages with all the comforts of home, they have a set up any true angler can appreciate.   The location of We Wan Chu Cottages is one of the assets.

If you are familiar with Chautauqua Lake you know about the abundance of walleye, bass, and muskie.  Every lake has an unproductive fishing day due to weather conditions.  That's where location comes in.  Here's the good news:  When I'm at We Wan Chu and Chautuaqua Lake is unproductive, I take a twenty minute trip to Findley Lake or a forty five minute trip to Barcelona Harbor on Lake Erie!  As I said before, location means a lot when you don't have time to waste on your fishing trip.

Barcelona Harbor on Lake Erie has a state ramp off Route 90.  The weather conditions are different there then at Chautauqua Lake because of the south wind and rough waters.

Lake Erie has been known for its Walleye and Smallmouth Bass Fishing.  Here is my technique for landing Walleyes and Smallmouth Bass at Barcelona or Findley Lake:  The key on finding fish in Lake Erie is locating structure spots. The structure spots are Rock piles and Humps.  Drop your line about 28 feet and go about 45 feet deep.  This can vary depnding on the time of year.  The warmer the water, the deeper the fish go.   I don't waste much time on any one structure spot until I find out where the fish are holding.  Once I locate the fish I only use two lures, Hopkin's Spoon and Vibie or better known as Sonar or Silver Buddy.   Release the lure to the bottom then reel up the slack and pump the lure about one foot off the bottom. Next release the lure back to the bottom again.  Usually the fish will hit the lure on the downfall and be on the lure when you pull it up.

After a great day on Lake Erie head back to We Wan Chu.   You will find plenty of room to pull your boat in with secure parking or dock your boat right there. You can recharge your batteries on the premises. Then clean your day's catch at the fish cleaning station.  Head back to your cottage, relax, and check the cable t.v.'s Weather Channel® to plan the next day's strategy.  By the way, if you're just starting out and don't have a boat, We Wan Chu Cottages can set you up with rental boats and nightcrawlers or just fish from their docks.

Don't forget what a lot of people consider "Off - Season" from mid-April thru June 1st and September thru the end of October.   This is the time the lakes are most productive, the Cottage Rates are lower, and you can really enjoy the quiet, rural beauty of the area.  Plan ahead, check availability, and get a deposit in.  Now you can anticipate the trip you have been dreaming about.  You won't be sorry you chose We Wan Chu Cottages with it's great setup and location.

Please Practice Catch and Release.  Be good to the lakes and they will be good to us for years to come.

Ray Terhart
Brunswick, OH