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Check out these amazing images caught on camera by a Trail Camera. Take special note of Image 6 triggered by the running woodchuck.

These pictures came to me on Friday, March 6th, 2015 at the WNY Sport & Travel Expo. These pictures are from a Trail Cam in Allegany County from Rich and Art... What you see is the sequential numbers of the pictures in order as the time shows. You see a picture where the birds trip the camera and then three pictures where the deer trip the camera. Then one picture where a woodchuck is tripping the camera and again, with what looks to be two Bigfoots to the left. The farther left one is standing in a gully. Rich and Art explained to me that the farther left one appeared to be 8 - 9 ft. tall after measuring and trying to recreate the size in the picture.

Rich called me a few days before the Hamburg Show and told me what he had and was willing to give me these pictures from his camera's memory card. These two gentlemen wish to remain anonymous and will hopefully reach out to me again if they find any foot print(s) or get more pictures or a video. Thank You Rich & Art and I hope to see You again in the future..



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